The Architecture

Old Floor Plan

New Floor Plan


Our architectural advisor Mitch observed early in our design process that the school we chose to redesign bears a striking resemblance to a turtle. We embraced this imagery, and added an open carapace, or shell, to it’s back--the Ring. The new first-floor plan places an emphasis on open layouts with lofted spaces to help lift and expand students’ imagination. This is captured both by the expansive Student Atrium which replaced the former music rooms in the middle of the school, and by the redesigned limbs that each have large central gathering spaces. To create the central passageway for the Atrium the music rooms were moved to the former library space behind the head of the school, and the library was elevated to the second floor. Each leg of the turtle houses a unique identifying pillar (bolded in black) to support the Ring.


The Ring


The Atrium & Hallways


The Landscaping & Rooftops


The Classrooms


The Cafeteria


The MakerSpace


A Few Words on Money and Safety

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