There is a commonly held belief that our schools are not preparing our children for the climate of the 21st century.

This is truly the understatement of the century. Exponential advances in science and technology have propelled industries forward, ushering in new paradigms of efficiency and sustainable design, but our educational institutions have remained largely unaffected. Students today still study in the overly lit fluorescent rectangles painted dirty-beige that defined the classrooms of the 20th century.

On Monday, May 14th, NYU Gallatin hosted a K-12 Education Symposium where students from schools across NYU presented their vision for a 21st century education. The event featured an expo of student-run booths on topics ranging from Aquaponics and AgTech to Fixing the Gender Biased STEM Pipeline, and showcased The Paideia Project -- entire architectural and curriculum redesigns for a public high school created by teams of undergraduate student designers.

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